the bridal cottage.

We’re back for the 2nd segment of our tour of the gorgeous wedding venue, Redeemed Farm.

Today I’m sharing the absolutely lovely bridal cottage.  This is a small outbuilding on the property that was originally a granary.

The inside of the building has been completely whitewashed to create a bright space filled with light.

That makes it an amazing spot for taking gorgeous photos of the bride before the wedding.

And isn’t this a pretty spot for the bride to touch up her makeup?

  I know that Redeemed Farm purchased several pieces from Reclaiming Beautiful for their venue, but I’m not sure exactly which ones.

They definitely have some amazing painted vintage pieces throughout, but I especially love all of the white pieces in the bridal cottage.

This amazing dress form helped inspire me to makeover a dress form of my own.


There is a charming little loft area above the main floor that’s also perfect for photo taking.

And just in case all of that gorgeousness isn’t enough, here is the view as you’re leaving the bridal cottage.

So lovely.

Be sure to check back next week when I’ll be sharing the Grooms Stable!


a summer wedding.

Last Saturday Monique’s daughter Ashley got married.  Monique is one of the owners at Reclaiming Beautiful, so as you can imagine the wedding venue and decorations had a spectacular vintage flair!

Monique asked me to come by and help with the set up a day ahead of the wedding, and also to take some photos to share with all of you guys here on the Reclaiming Beautiful blog.

I was more than happy to oblige.  So last Friday I drove up to the venue, Redeemed Farm in Scandia, MN.

As soon as I pulled onto the grounds I knew it was going to be amazing.

Redeemed Farm is situated on 40 fabulous acres and includes not only the amazing barn but also several other outbuildings that I’ll be sharing with you later.

I ended up taking so many awesome pictures that day that I’ve decided to break it down into four more manageable posts rather than one really long post.

For today I’m just focusing on the gorgeous grounds.  Although it’s kind of way back there in this photo and thus hard to see, there is a beautiful stone archway in that field (below) and this space can be used for outdoor ceremonies.

I enjoyed spotting the fabulous little vintage details spread out all over the place including this adorable bike which makes a great prop for wedding photos.

There are lots of pretty little spots where one could sit and relax for a minute and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

It really was a perfect summer day when I was there taking the photos.  I could just imagine kicking back in this chair with a glass of lemonade.

As I was wandering around the grounds, this butterfly decided to sit still long enough to pose for a photo.

The house itself is not open to the public, but it sure is pretty.

And you’ve just gotta love the classic windmill.

This next building also wasn’t open, but I just loved the traditional red and white paint job.

The machine shed (below) is available to guests at the wedding.  What an amazing spot to warm up by the fire!

It’s enclosed on two sides, but open on the others so that you can take in the amazing view while sitting there.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the grounds at Redeemed Farm!

Be sure to check back next week when I’ll share the incredible bridal cottage!

garden furniture.

Based on that title you might be expecting this post to be about actual garden furniture.  You know, weatherproof pieces intended for outdoor use.

But I love the idea of using indoor furniture in unexpected ways in the garden instead.

There’s just something whimsical about seeing a traditional piece of furniture out of context that really appeals to me …

whether it’s a piece on a somewhat sheltered covered porch, or one that is just right out in the elements.

Of course, most pieces of furniture won’t last forever outdoors.

But why not take a dresser that is no longer functional for storing clothing and turn it into a planter instead?

Yes, you’ll probably eventually have to discard it because it won’t be salvageable after several seasons in the garden, but if you have an inexpensive piece that is on its last legs anyway, why not?

Maybe you aren’t quite ready for a dresser or a table in your garden, but how about chair re-purposed as a planter?

I love this simple way of getting a little more life out of an old chair that has gotten too rickety to sit on.

Another idea is to just use a chair in the garden as a makeshift trellis.

And who can resist the charm of using a vintage metal bed in the garden?

They make amazing gates …

Or trellises …

And hey, if you really want to go for broke, why not move the piano out to the garden and turn it into a water feature?

Or just fill it with plants.

OK, I’m guessing most of us probably aren’t ready to be quite that bold.

But a planter chair might be a good place to start!

It couldn’t be easier.  Just find a chair with a hole in the seat and fill it with a hanging basket.

Reclaiming Beautiful has a selection of chairs just waiting to become planters.  Be sure to stop in this weekend to get yours!

Reclaiming Beautiful turns 3!

Reclaiming Beautiful is turning three!

To celebrate, they are hosting an open house from 3 pm to 7 pm today.

They want to celebrate their anniversary and they are hoping that all of their amazing customers will join in.

Well, maybe with something a tad more subdued (although I do like the addition of the swim goggles).

But perhaps something like this is more appropriate …

So come in and share a toast and enjoy some yummy treats.

There will be special discounted prices, a FREE candle with every purchase of $20 or more (while supplies last) and some great door prizes.

it’s easy being green.

OK, I know what Kermit really said was ‘it’s not easy being green’, but I disagree.

Green has always been one of my favorite colors, especially when we’re talking about vintage goodies of any kind.

It’s so fresh.  And this time of year it reminds us that spring is just around the corner!

Even though the 2018 Pantone color of the year is purple, I think that green is the color that is really making a comeback.  Maybe we’re just a little behind since the 2017 color of the year was called Greenery.

Green is perfect for adding a pop of color to otherwise neutral decor.

But green can also be mixed into a more colorful palette.

Don’t happen to have a green velvet sofa?  How about adding a green painted piece?

dresser from Miss Mustard Seed.

There are so many gorgeous shades of green to choose from.

But currently my favorite shade is Fusion’s Park Bench, a vibrant emerald green.

This color works beautifully with any style ranging from shabby vintage …

dresser from ellen j goods.

to traditional …

dresser from Lost & Found Decor.

to modern …

and anywhere in between.

Be sure to stop by Reclaiming Beautiful this weekend to check out the new window full of green just in time for St. Patrick’s Day and maybe pick up a bit of green to add to your own decor!

getting organized with vintage flair.

It seems like everyone is thinking about getting organized after the holidays.  It’s time to put away all of those Christmas decorations, and figure out where you are going to store all of the fabulous new ones you found this year.  Plus it’s so cold out, why not spend a little time indoors getting everything in order?

So I thought that I would share some of my favorite ways to get organized with a vintage flair.


I love an old metal toolbox with plenty of patina.  They are great for storing craft supplies.

In this case I’ve wrapped lengths of ribbon around old address card dividers.  Each divider has a particular color of ribbon; green, purple, blue, etc.

If your vintage toolbox is gunky and rusty when you bring it home, I suggest washing it with a grease cutting cleanser (dishwashing soap or TSP Substitute), sanding down the rust a bit and then sealing it with Fusion’s Tough Coat Sealer.  It doesn’t change up the look of the rustic patina much, but it seals it so that rust doesn’t rub off on anything.

If your toolbox just isn’t pretty at all on the outside, consider painting it.  This toolbox has been painted in Fusion’s Laurentien.

Line the trays inside with pretty paper and now it’s a great option for replacing a traditional jewelry box.


Vintage suitcases.

Another favorite of mine, vintage suitcases work well for storing things that you only need to get to occasionally.

They are a great option for storing your Christmas ornaments.

I also store my stickers and rub-on’s for scrapbooking inside an old suitcase.

I recommend using caution with suitcases that smell really musty inside.  You can tried one (or all) of the many suggested remedies, such as adding a dryer sheet or sachet, spraying with Febreeze, or sprinkle with baking soda and then vacuum, but I’ve found that if you keep the suitcase closed up most of the time the musty smell is hard to get rid of.  In which case, be sure not to store fabric items (or other items that will take on the smell) inside.


Kitchen ware.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend using vintage kitchen ware for its originally intended purpose, but it’s great for organizing your stuff.  I love using old muffin tins to sort small bits like crafting supplies or screws and such.

The same with old enamelware refrigerator boxes.  I don’t think I’d necessarily use them for food in the fridge, but they are great for storing non-edibles.

I used some rub-on letters to identify the contents of each container so that I can put the lids on, stack them, and still know what’s inside.

I hope I’ve inspired you to look at vintage items in a new way and to use them for organizing or storing things.  If you’re wondering where to go to find these sorts of pieces, head to Reclaiming Beautiful to see what they might have.  As with all shops that carry authentic vintage items, you have to check back regularly to see what might be currently in stock.  The vendors at Reclaiming Beautiful bring in new merchandise every week, so it’s a constantly changing array of goodies.  Be sure to stop by soon!

oh christmas tree.

I thought it would be fun to share the various Christmas trees belonging to the talented people who fill Reclaiming Beautiful with amazing furniture every week of the year, so I asked them to send me photos of their trees.

Let’s start with Susan’s lovely tree.

Isn’t that a beauty!

And here is a great shot of the whole room.

Doesn’t it look like the perfect spot for curling up with some hot cocoa and watching the snow fall?

And here is Monique’s tree.

All of those pretty blues work beautifully with the beachy style of Monique’s home.  If you don’t remember it, I shared it (part 1, part 2) back in July 2016.  Be sure to check it out by clicking on those links in the parentheses.

Next we have Lisa’s pretty tree.

I love how colorful it is, and all of those lovely vintage glass ornaments.

I shared a tour of Lisa’s house back in April 2015 (part 1, part 2).  If you missed it back then, be sure to take look now.

I also shared a tour of Amy’s house last December.  Her beautiful home was decorated for Christmas at the time, so I got lots of lovely pictures of her Christmas tree.

Do you see that it is displayed in a dresser drawer?  Isn’t that clever?

The old lanterns placed in the tree are pure genius!

If you missed the tour of Amy’s house, you must go back and see it.  She has tons of gorgeous vintage Christmas decor throughout her home.  The first two parts are on my own blog, and part 3 was here on the Reclaiming blog (part 1, part 2, part 3).

Michele has a lovely traditional tree.

Or at least from a distance it seems traditional, but she definitely has some unique ornaments!

We just toured Michele’s house back in October (part 1, part 2).

Next we have Gretchen’s silver tree that really shows off her style.

She has a mix of gorgeous vintage glass ornaments …

And unique items like old baby shoes.

Gretchen is the jewelry designer at Reclaiming Beautiful and I shared a post about her work back in May (here).

Trina kept her tree low key this year.  Just a simple yet sweet display.

I love this manikin that she has also.  It’s sort of a tree alternative!

And that brings us to my trees.  This year I have an inside tree, and an outside tree.  My inside tree holds (just barely) my vintage glass ornament collection.

I’ve been collecting for many years now and each year I add a few more to my hoard.

This was the first year I put up a tree outside.  It’s an old, beat up faux tree, so I’m not worried about it getting damaged (if you want to copy this idea, you might be able to find an inexpensive fake tree at your local thrift store).

I didn’t spend any money to decorate this tree, I just gathered dried flowers and other items from the garden.

And once the snow fell, well … all of those details got a little lost.

But it’s still pretty, and I think what I enjoy the most is seeing it lit up just outside my picture window each night.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse inside (and in my case, outside) the homes of the Reclaiming Beautiful team!

From all of us here at Reclaiming Beautiful, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



a holiday open house.

Santa’s elves were busy re-stocking Reclaiming Beautiful last night in anticipation of their holiday open house today from 3 pm to 7 pm.

There are tons of adorable Christmas decorations to be found.

I was especially charmed by this adorable little …. I don’t really know what it was originally …

But now when you open that door with it’s sweet little wreath you find this inside ….

Seriously, how cute is that?!

These sweet pink skates are painted in Fusion’s new paint color called English Rose.  You can always grab a jar of the paint and freshen up your own ice skates.

Or perhaps you prefer more traditional colors for your holiday decor.

There is plenty of red and green to be found.

And don’t forget the furniture!

This is a great time to spruce up your house before the family arrives to celebrate.

Maybe you need a little extra seating to accommodate everyone!

So be sure to swing by this afternoon between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. for a glass of wine and some nibbles.

Get a free small candle with purchases over $20 while supplies last!

michele’s house, part 2.

Welcome back to part two of our tour of Michele’s house.  I got so many pictures of her lovely home that I had to break it out into two parts!  If you missed part one, be sure to go back and see it here.

Today we’re going to check out the rest of the inside and our very welcoming hostess Michele is ready to start our tour.

As soon as we walked in to Michele’s living room I knew that my sister (who had come along on the tour as my ‘assistant’) was going to love it.  She loves the lodge-y, cabin-y, lake house look and Michele’s house has plenty of that vintage cabin sort of character.

Michele and her husband have opted to keep the original finish on their knotty pine paneled walls which works beautifully with Michele’s many vintage pieces of furniture.

It also creates a great backdrop for Jim’s hunting trophies.  He has been as far away as New Zealand on hunting trips.

The dining room is just off the living room.

We’ll head upstairs next.  The upper floor is just a half-story above the kitchen and dining room and it contains a pretty little sitting room and guest room.

Michele lightened things up a bit in these rooms and they definitely have a more feminine appeal.

When Michele’s nieces were younger they used to come for sleep-overs and stay in the pretty guest room.

Wouldn’t this be a lovely spot to cozy up under the eaves?

Michele painted the pretty secretary desk that she’s using as a bedside table.

I asked Michele if she and her husband did the wallpapering themselves, and she said that they did.  I’m impressed because I have attempted wallpapering a ceiling and it’s not easy.  I did it one time and swore I would never attempt it again.

The angles were a little tight for me to get a good photo of the pretty dresser that’s in the guest room, but I really wanted to share it with you.

It’s such a pretty piece, with what I believe is an original paint job.

Michele’s master bedroom is back downstairs.  She recently gave it a makeover.

I love the pretty shades of blue she has used in this room.  The headboard is from Wayfair, and most of the bedding came from either TJ Maxx or IKEA.


Michele makes these pretty little teacup candles herself.

There is space in the room for a small seating area.

I think my favorite part of the room though was this adorable door knocker.  Isn’t that perfect?

A big thank you go Michele for letting us feature her lovely home here on the Reclaiming Beautiful blog.  I hope you enjoyed seeing her place and maybe it gave you some great ideas for using vintage pieces in your own home!

michele’s house, part 1.

Even though autumn is officially here and we are moving past porch weather, I took a little field trip to Michele’s house to check out her lovely three season porch a couple of weeks ago.  While I was there, I couldn’t help but snoop around a bit.

Michele’s is the sister of one of Reclaiming Beautiful’s owners, Monique, and she’s also a vendor at the shop.  She and her husband, Jim, live on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River in St. Paul.  Their house was built in 1940 and they have lived there for 30 years, and in fact her husband Jim grew up just two doors down!

We entered the house through Michele’s charming kitchen.

It may be modest in size, but Michele has made every inch of it pretty including adding the lovely chandelier over the sink.

We headed straight out onto the three-season porch next.  There is a lovely little dining area just outside the kitchen.  I believe that Michele mentioned that this is the perfect spot for coffee in the morning.

This is such a pretty set of furniture.

The other side of the porch contains this seating area that Michele says is perfect for reading.

Michele mentioned how much she loves pretty linens and her’s are all perfectly pressed and bright white.

Before we headed inside to see some more of Michele’s house, we stepped outside to see her patio.

The house sits on two acres.

This gives them plenty of room for a nice fire pit area.

I had some serious ‘urn envy’ (if that wasn’t a real thing before, it is now) when I saw these lovely flower urns on the back patio.

And that only got worse when I spot a huge concrete urn out in the yard.  Just look at the beautiful motifs on it.

Not to mention another pair of gorgeous urns that Michele has on her front porch.

Although our gardens are starting to fade for the season, Michele can still enjoy the view from this serene spot in her yard.

There is still so much more to see, so I decided I’d better break our tour up into two parts.  So be sure to check back next week to see the rest of Michele’s beautiful home!