getting organized with vintage flair.

It seems like everyone is thinking about getting organized after the holidays.  It’s time to put away all of those Christmas decorations, and figure out where you are going to store all of the fabulous new ones you found this year.  Plus it’s so cold out, why not spend a little time indoors getting everything in order?

So I thought that I would share some of my favorite ways to get organized with a vintage flair.


I love an old metal toolbox with plenty of patina.  They are great for storing craft supplies.

In this case I’ve wrapped lengths of ribbon around old address card dividers.  Each divider has a particular color of ribbon; green, purple, blue, etc.

If your vintage toolbox is gunky and rusty when you bring it home, I suggest washing it with a grease cutting cleanser (dishwashing soap or TSP Substitute), sanding down the rust a bit and then sealing it with Fusion’s Tough Coat Sealer.  It doesn’t change up the look of the rustic patina much, but it seals it so that rust doesn’t rub off on anything.

If your toolbox just isn’t pretty at all on the outside, consider painting it.  This toolbox has been painted in Fusion’s Laurentien.

Line the trays inside with pretty paper and now it’s a great option for replacing a traditional jewelry box.


Vintage suitcases.

Another favorite of mine, vintage suitcases work well for storing things that you only need to get to occasionally.

They are a great option for storing your Christmas ornaments.

I also store my stickers and rub-on’s for scrapbooking inside an old suitcase.

I recommend using caution with suitcases that smell really musty inside.  You can tried one (or all) of the many suggested remedies, such as adding a dryer sheet or sachet, spraying with Febreeze, or sprinkle with baking soda and then vacuum, but I’ve found that if you keep the suitcase closed up most of the time the musty smell is hard to get rid of.  In which case, be sure not to store fabric items (or other items that will take on the smell) inside.


Kitchen ware.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend using vintage kitchen ware for its originally intended purpose, but it’s great for organizing your stuff.  I love using old muffin tins to sort small bits like crafting supplies or screws and such.

The same with old enamelware refrigerator boxes.  I don’t think I’d necessarily use them for food in the fridge, but they are great for storing non-edibles.

I used some rub-on letters to identify the contents of each container so that I can put the lids on, stack them, and still know what’s inside.

I hope I’ve inspired you to look at vintage items in a new way and to use them for organizing or storing things.  If you’re wondering where to go to find these sorts of pieces, head to Reclaiming Beautiful to see what they might have.  As with all shops that carry authentic vintage items, you have to check back regularly to see what might be currently in stock.  The vendors at Reclaiming Beautiful bring in new merchandise every week, so it’s a constantly changing array of goodies.  Be sure to stop by soon!


2 thoughts on “getting organized with vintage flair.

  1. Such lovely inspiration! Hmmm I haven’t thought of storing my ornaments in my suitcases! That’s a great idea. So much prettier than new bins. I do use my enamel ware for food storage in my pantry!

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