michele’s house, part 2.

Welcome back to part two of our tour of Michele’s house.  I got so many pictures of her lovely home that I had to break it out into two parts!  If you missed part one, be sure to go back and see it here.

Today we’re going to check out the rest of the inside and our very welcoming hostess Michele is ready to start our tour.

As soon as we walked in to Michele’s living room I knew that my sister (who had come along on the tour as my ‘assistant’) was going to love it.  She loves the lodge-y, cabin-y, lake house look and Michele’s house has plenty of that vintage cabin sort of character.

Michele and her husband have opted to keep the original finish on their knotty pine paneled walls which works beautifully with Michele’s many vintage pieces of furniture.

It also creates a great backdrop for Jim’s hunting trophies.  He has been as far away as New Zealand on hunting trips.

The dining room is just off the living room.

We’ll head upstairs next.  The upper floor is just a half-story above the kitchen and dining room and it contains a pretty little sitting room and guest room.

Michele lightened things up a bit in these rooms and they definitely have a more feminine appeal.

When Michele’s nieces were younger they used to come for sleep-overs and stay in the pretty guest room.

Wouldn’t this be a lovely spot to cozy up under the eaves?

Michele painted the pretty secretary desk that she’s using as a bedside table.

I asked Michele if she and her husband did the wallpapering themselves, and she said that they did.  I’m impressed because I have attempted wallpapering a ceiling and it’s not easy.  I did it one time and swore I would never attempt it again.

The angles were a little tight for me to get a good photo of the pretty dresser that’s in the guest room, but I really wanted to share it with you.

It’s such a pretty piece, with what I believe is an original paint job.

Michele’s master bedroom is back downstairs.  She recently gave it a makeover.

I love the pretty shades of blue she has used in this room.  The headboard is from Wayfair, and most of the bedding came from either TJ Maxx or IKEA.


Michele makes these pretty little teacup candles herself.

There is space in the room for a small seating area.

I think my favorite part of the room though was this adorable door knocker.  Isn’t that perfect?

A big thank you go Michele for letting us feature her lovely home here on the Reclaiming Beautiful blog.  I hope you enjoyed seeing her place and maybe it gave you some great ideas for using vintage pieces in your own home!


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