the succulent bar is back!

Succulents are all the rage right now.  And why not?  There are so many interesting varieties, and they are fairly easy to grow.  Plus they pair perfectly with vintage containers!

photo source: Stone Gable

During the Vintage Crawl back in May, Reclaiming Beautiful put together a ‘succulent bar’ and it proved to be so popular that they are going to do it again.

Here’s how it works:

step no. 1 – choose your vintage container.

There will be a variety of awesome vintage containers (all priced separately).  Perhaps some old silver …

photo source: An Oregon Cottage

Or an adorable vintage toy truck.

photo source: Life is a Party

step no. 2 – add a scoop of rocks to the bottom of your container (provided at no additional cost).

step no. 3 – choose your succulents (at $3 each) and plant them with the dirt provided.

step no. 4 – add some adorable tiny embellishments (priced separately).

photo source: Life is a Party

Once your creation is complete, simply take it to the checkout and pay for your container, succulents and any embellishments you may have chosen.

Couldn’t be easier!  And you get to go home with a completed project!

You can start small with a succulent in a pretty vintage teacup …

Or go all out with something really elaborate!

The sky is limit.  Well … while supplies last anyway.

So be sure to head in this weekend and create your own!








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