Amy’s amazing house, part 3.


Welcome to part 3 of our tour of Reclaiming Beautiful vendor Amy’s house.  For those of you who follow Reclaiming Beautiful on Facebook or here on their blog, but don’t follow my personal blog, q is for quandie, you may have missed parts 1 and 2.  I shared them on q is for quandie earlier this week.  But you can easily go visit them by clicking {this link} for part 1 and {this link} for part 2.

I’ve saved my favorite room in Amy’s house for last, but before we get to it we’re going to make a quick pit stop to peek out onto her back porch.


I don’t think Amy intended for me to head out there.  After all, it’s not heated so it was pretty chilly.  But I was drawn out there like a moth to the flame.  She has a lot of cool stuff out there, including the dollhouse that she purchased from me last fall!


She dressed it up for Christmas with some tiny wreaths and some lights.

While I was snooping around on the porch I couldn’t help snapping a shot of these amazing vintage green items.  Green is the 2017 Pantone color of the year, so you’re going to be right on trend with these Amy!


OK, now on to my favorite room.  I didn’t ask Amy what she calls this room, but I’m going to call it her music room since she has a piano and several other musical instruments on display.


Personally I love any room that has to accessed via french doors, don’t you?


Amy purchased this amazing daybed from Craigslist and paid only $25 for it.  This amazing piece had all of the Reclaiming Beautiful ladies drooling when Amy had us all over for a Christmas party.

She’s got some great vintage suitcases tucked underneath it.


Just around the french doors on the same wall is Amy’s piano.

What?  Doesn’t everyone have a propeller on their keyboard?

I absolutely love the way she has displayed a tiny Christmas village on top of the piano.


 The contrast between the giant books and the tiny buildings is perfect.

This charming clock is tucked into the corner next to the piano.

Amy has a knack for creating collages of interesting items on her walls.


She obviously loves old maps.

In the end though, I think the thing I was most looking forward to sharing with you in this room is the Christmas tree.


First of all, did you notice?  It’s sitting in an old drawer that has little legs added to it.

You can sort of see it in this next photo behind the stool (P.S.  if you ever decide to part with this chippy old stool Amy, I call dibs on it!)


To really appreciate this tree though, you have to take a closer look.  There are all kinds of lanterns tucked into it.


Seriously, I am so enamored with this idea that I might have to borrow it next year.  Is that OK with you Amy?


This rusty one is my favorite.


And of course, the music room Christmas tree wouldn’t be complete without a musical instrument tucked in.


 As we head out of the room, you have to take note of the Titanic life preserver hanging over the door.  Love it!


I hope you enjoyed seeing Amy’s house as much as I did.  I hoping to share a few more of the Reclaiming Beautiful team’s homes with you in 2017.

Until then, I hope you were inspired to create some vintage magic in your own home this holiday season!

3 thoughts on “Amy’s amazing house, part 3.

  1. I don’t have my piano anymore, but I do have a propeller on a bedroom shelf. And I have that same blue angel she has at the top of the tree!

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